Dienstag, Januar 17, 2006

The Wedding at Cana

Marriage (in Cana of Galilee) at the time of Jesus as depicted by the pious painter Heinrich Hofmann (published by Hanfstaengl, Munich). This image may give us an idea of the sanctity of the spousal union.
"How frightfully the modern world has sinned against this sacred institution, the very root and foundation of society! Marriage is entered into lightly, with little or no thought of its sacramental character, or of its permanence and responsibilities. Divorce is sanctioned everywhere, and that on the flimsiest pretexts. Numberless influences tend to corrupt and desecrate the married state, and the evil fruits of this unhappy condition are manifesting themselves to an alarming degree even among Catholics.
The only remedy for these evils is a return to true Christianity, to Jesus Christ, the Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier of families. Not until the full sacredness of the state of matrimony is recognized will the world change for the better.
For the fulfillment of the duties of married life, the grace of God is necessary. Our Lord has promised this grace to those who venerate His Sacred Heart: I will give them all the graces necessary for their state of life. Jesus Christ must again be proclaimed and venerated as the King, the life, the bond of union in the family. The Enthronement, (in German: Thronerhebung) rightly lived, will nourish and preserve this spirit." (CatholicTradition.org) Posted by Picasa

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